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Drawing of a ninja holding a pencil, jumping in the air while drawing a text

Unlimited Graphic Design Services
For a Flat Monthly fee
To Increase Your & Your Team's Productivity.



About us

Are you tired of paying big-bucks for creative agencies, hiring more and more in-house designers, wasting your time managing projects with freelancers or doing everything yourself? Do you want to experience how creative services should work in 2021? 

Then you are in the right place!

Creative Ninja helps creative and marketing teams save time by taking care of day-to-day graphic design needs for a flat monthly fee. 

Try our services, risk-free!



According to best-practices for website design, we should be as convincing as possible in order to make a good impression. Well, here is the oldest trick in the book, customer testimonials! If you’re still not convinced, remember that we have a 30-day money back guarantee in case you wouldn't be satisfied with the results.

Creative Ninja Background

"Creative Ninja has been an agile, responsive and reliable partner for the production of Rokotepalvelu's marketing materials. By working together with them we have saved our own team's time and resources. We can warmly recommend the service!"

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(Price does not include VAT)


All your graphic design needs

& video editing

3 simultaneous project

Turnaround in 72 h or less

All your graphic design needs

& video editing

3 simultaneous project

Turnaround in 72 h or less

Unlimited requests and revisions

Professional designers

Responsive live communication

Native source files included

30-day money back guarantee.

Try our service, risk-free




Ninja, drawing in the air
Drawing of man on a black and white background
Video of a salami pizza with via tribunali logo on top
Picture of some gold bars with voima gold logo on top
Photo of man holding a camera to the screen in front of a pool and modern bulding
Ninja that has landed after a jump with a pencil on his back
Drawing of jumping ninja, mid-air with pencil
Picture of a menu made for a client. Text and orange colour and a logo
Glass of red wine with via tribunali logo on top
Ad for alvar pet with a dog sitting and waiting under an opened can of dog food


What does the 30-day money back guarantee mean?

All packages have a risk free 30-day 100% money back guarantee. Be the company who can tell everyone their designer needs are taken care of by ninjas, or don't be and get a 100% full refund within 30 days of signing up.

What does unlimited requests & revisions actually mean?

All our packages have unlimited requests which means that you can queue as many requests as you like while our ninjas get to work.


All the packages also include unlimited revisions so if there is something you would like to change or correct when the delivery comes, no worries! Just remember that each revision will be treated as a new creative request and may affect the delivery timelines of other pending requests.


The number of simultaneous projects is the only limitation as ninjas are also only humans after all.

What type of requests can I submit?

All our ninjas possess great skill in graphic design combat and are capable of attacking almost any graphic design task you throw at them (as long as you can describe it).


However, with great skill comes great responsibility, so if you are looking for advanced motion graphics, complex & custom animations or website coding our ninjas can't help you (yet).


For a full list of the type of requests that our Ninjas can deliver:

How quick is the turnaround time?

The complexity of your request and/or the number of active requests currently in your queue may affect the turnaround time. Our Ninjas can deliver most simple requests already within 24-48 hours but some requests need a couple of more dashes of creativity and therefore we calculate with an expected turnaround time of 72h.

Fill out the form or schedule a demo
and we'll be in touch!

Thank you for contacting us!

Drawing of ninja standing and looking straight forward with a pencil on his back
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